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Rugs Wakefield

  • Rugs Wakefield | Brocksons Carpets Wakefield
  • Rugs Wakefield | Brocksons Carpets Wakefield
  • Rugs Wakefield | Brocksons Carpets Wakefield
  • Rugs Wakefield | Brocksons Carpets Wakefield

Rugs, we love them! They're comfortable, fashionable and really make a house a home. With over 100 designs we've got almost any type of rug you can imagine. From the contemporary to the traditional, the ordinary to the extra ordinary, we go out of our way to find designs from across the world that will make your floor look fantastic. 

Choose from inexpensive polypropylene, textured poly’s, jute & cocomat, bamboo and silk like viscose, to mid range acrylic, faux leather and mixed textiles, to premium quality leather, cow skin, sheepskin, silk, and 100% wool....


For hundreds of years, wool has been a prime component in the making of carpets.  It is durable, soft and takes dye very well.  Indeed, all the best traditional carpets were woollen; Persian and Afghan, Wilton and Axminster.  We have a fantastic, huge range of wool rugs to suit all tastes. Our tufted, hand finished wool rugs are thick and soft, and the shaggy wool rugs are so thick you might want to wriggle your way in for a warm nap.  No other material can reproduce the qualities of wool in the making of rugs. 

Traditional Rugs

We also stock a wide range of hand woven oriental rugs such as persian, pakistan, afghanistan, turkish etc. along with a number of antique rugs. We have a rug to suit any budget and to complement any interior design or period style. We have a selection of children’s rugs and play mats available from shaped characters to bright floral and patterned styles and road maps.


Modern rugs can help create a timeless space for the ultimate contemporary lifestyle. Streamlined monotone design, funky abstract colour palettes or reworks of classic retro, contemporary rug design encompasses an eclectic mix of pioneering weaving techniques, fibres and textures. Bring your interior upto date with some fashionata for your floor, from our carefully selected modern rug collection.

Do we have the right rug for you?;

We stock a variety of standard sized rugs up to large sizes, runners, circular rugs, shaped styles and wall hangings or you can order a bespoke rug for something completely unique. We welcome you to visit our showroom or please contact us for more information.  


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